Imprinted Custom Table Covers and Runners


Looking for an affordable way to promote your business at marketing events? Coast 2 Coast beautiful custom printed tablecloths come in a variety of styles designed to turn standard fixtures into branded promotional accessories. Available as traditional draped throws and runners, convertible linens, or stretchy spandex wraps, these machine-washable table covers feature full color digital or screen-printed imprints that make it easy to catch customer attention with brand graphics or messaging. Our personalized custom printed tablecloths with logos, also known as promotional table coverings, are machine washable, wrinkle-resistant, and flame retardant, making them the perfect choice for in-store or off-site events. Whether your business needs full-coverage vendor table cloths with allover printing, imprinted spandex coverings for standard rectangular or bar height fixtures, or simple 1-color runners, Coast 2 Coast Printing & Marketing  makes it easy to order what you need and makes sure you get it when you need it.

What types of trade show tablecloths are available?

  • Traditional full length custom printed table covers have a classic appearance that drapes over booths. Easily store supplies in these throws, whether they're open in the back or fall to the floor on all sides.
  • Stretch linens have a modern design that appears taut by wrapping around the booth's feet. This style’s sleek, contemporary look is an excellent choice for companies on the cutting edge.
  • Custom table runners are smaller and are typically placed over a full-length linen. These are great for advertising because they highlight your logo and can be placed in the center of any table.
  • Convertible custom table covers have a changeable design to fit two booth sizes. Businesses that attend various events often need to conform to vendor space requirements that are available. Be prepared with a personalized linen that changes to suit your needs.

Custom table covers are the ideal choice for representing businesses at trade shows and conferences. But where else can they be used? Virtually anywhere, company events like banquets and fundraisers are great occasions to feature a logo or a promotional message. This keeps the organization in everyone's mind while they have a good time and connect with associates. Job fairs are another opportunity where branded linens make an impression. At craft fairs and farmers’ markets, they help vendors stick out from the crowd. Non-profit organizations that run blood drives and fundraisers can attract attention for their cause.

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